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6-tips for Healthy Parenting during COVID-19

Posted by Julia Pagan on

Hello parents, caregivers, and sweet babies out there! 

This probably wasn't what most of us were imaging when we hoped for more "family time at home". If you are anything like us these days with "mini-human standing on your head" and a standard look for zoom meetings looking like a bomb went off.

In an inter-generational household of 6 right now we know that things are changing daily and we are all leaning-in to support our local communities and each other.

Between the 6 of us we have expert information across different areas- - doctor, librarian, child-advocate, small-business and financial consultant, tech-guy, grandparents and parents and hope to communicate our collective knowledge and become a trusted resource to keep you, your babies, and families healthy, and happy during this unprecedented time hope to be a trusted source of information and entertainment to keep your babies and families safe, healthy, and happy in this difficult time. 

Here's a quick link we found from the World Health Organization on Healthy Parenting we love!

To help parents interact constructively with their children during this time of confinement, these six one-page tips for parents cover planning one-on-one time, staying positive, creating a daily routine, avoiding bad behaviour, managing stress, and talking about COVID-19. Use them to your and your kids’ advantage, and have fun in doing so.…/n…/advice-for-public/healthy-parenting